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Martina Franca and the Valle d’Itria

Martina Franca (49.000 cit. and 431 m of altitude) is placed on one of the last southern hills of the  South – Eastern Murgia and prevails in height in the fascinating Valle d’Itria surrounded by snow white trulli.

Beyond the rich landscape covered by the ancient casedde (the famous trulli) and the typical building of masserie (manor farms) Martina Franca benefits from a wide karst area of undeniable magnificence and important naturalistic value.

After a walk through the white alleys of the ancient area, where the Baroque art is indeed the best feature, a visit to the majestic Basilica of San Martino and the eighteenth-century halls of the Ducal Palace (location of the yearly and prestigious Festival of the Valle d’Itria ) you can pleasantly have a seat in one of the many typical pubs to taste the renowned cuisine of Martina. At the end of a relaxing day trip in the pure woodland and ancient manor farms, it is possible to stay in one of the elegant and welcoming hotels of the city.

The Valle d’ Itria, which is placed in the heart of the highland of the Murgia called Murgia of Trulli, represents the unique environmental and cultural model that often evokes extraordinary descriptions from travelers.

Basically the Valle d’Itria is a widespread city covering all around the area of the valley with more the twenty thousand homogeneous villages in the basic building (the trullo).

Alberobello is worldwide famous for the trulli. The city of the trulli was first declared national monument and later a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The area is full of manor farms and woodlands that make fabulous and fascinating the landscape.

In this context Ostuni, a territory full of olive trees, between the Murge and the seaside, together with Locorotondo, Cisternino, Castellana Grotte and Conversano are included.