Masseria San Paolo –


The Manor farm and the Trulli

The San Paolo Manor Farm of Martina Franca in the South – Eastern Murgia – Valle d’Itria – is one of the most ancient and renowned manor farms of Puglia.

Manor farms date back to the Spanish domination age and the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies. We need to imagine the manor farms as little villages where farmers were at the service of landowners and responsible for land and breeding.

San Paolo Manor Farm is a typical Apulian manor farm that preserves the original livestock life of the Murgese Horse and the Donkey of Martina Franca. This, thanks to the passion of the Basile Family – owner of the manor farm since the 18th century – and a particular geographical location and extension: 465 meters above sea level and 270 hectares.

The peaceful graze in the wood, the manor and the neighboring trulli, where daily tasks are developed, and a church watching over them are some of the fascinations that can bring us to conceive how manor farm lifestyle could be in ancient times.