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The 8th October 2008 Ministerial Order introduces the Genealogical Book of the Murgese Horse Breed in accordance with article 3 Law 15/01/1991 n. 30 amended and integrated by Law 3/08/1999 by A.I.A The Italian Breeders Association approved by D.P.R. 27th October 1950 n. 1051.

Region of Puglia, Murge area, province of Bari, Taranto and Brindisi.

Horse riding, equestrian tourism and bouts.

a) coat: black, roan (iron gray, dark brown)



  • head: flat or slightly sheepskin profile, not too heavy, broad forehead with large tuft, regular ears, large and expressive eyes, wide and mobile nostrils.
  • Neck: Muscled, well carried and well attached, with abundant mane
  • Shoulder: rightly sloping and muscular
  • back: horizontal and well supported
  • Loins: Short and muscular
  • croup: proportionate and muscular, of right inclination
  • chest: broad and muscular
  • thorax: well developed
  • Limbs: solid with medium long forearm, limbs of the right length and inclination
  • joints: wide and thick
  • Gaits: free, sure-footed and cadenced trot
  • upright: regular
  • foot: regular, well directed with compact and black nails

c) character: balanced and lively

d) other Features: versatility of use, rustic, frugal, suitable for exploiting marginal areas

e) defects that lead to exclusion from registration from the Herd Book: malted or fur coat or with tan markings. White spots on the head or limbs. Snub profile, serious defects that affect functionality or give rise to inheritance-predispositions. White nail

men (min – max / cm)

  • withers: 155 – 170
  • chest circ.: 180
  • shin circ.: 20

femeles (min – max / cm)

  • withers: 150 – 164
  • chest circ.: 172
  • shin circ.: 19