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The 8th October 2008 Ministerial Order introduces the Genealogical Book of the Murgese Horse Breed in accordance with article 3 Law 15/01/1991 n. 30 amended and integrated by Law 3/08/1999 by A.I.A The Italian Breeders Association approved by D.P.R. 27th October 1950 n. 1051.

Region of Puglia, Murge area, province of Bari, Taranto and Brindisi.

Countryside equitation and attacks.

a) coat: black, iron gray dark brown



  • Head: standard profile or ram-like profile, not very heavy, forehead large with a big tuft, regular pinnas, expressive and big eyes, mobile and large nostrils.
  • Neck: well fixed and muscular with a lot of mane.
  • Shoulder: muscular and sufficiently inclined.
  • Withers: good anatomy and shoulder fixed.
  • Torso: strength and horizontally set.
  • Loins: muscular and short.
  • Back: muscular and proportionate with a right inclination.
  • Chest: large and muscular.
  • Thorax: well developed.
  • Limbs: strong with a forearm normally long, right inclination and length of the arts.
  • Pace: free, secure and rhythmic.
  • Pasterns: regular.
  • Hooves: regular and straight with black and hard hoof.

c) character: energetic and balanced;

d) other Features: versatility. Rustic, frugal and suitable for the exploitation of secondary areas;

e) aspects that provokes the exclusion from the Anagraphic Register: coat with improper spots or rabicano coat. White spots on the limbs or head. Heavy head, snub horse, pig-eyed horse, drooping ears, curved back; severe birth defects that can compromise the functionality or cause hereditary predispositions. Excessive cow-like hocks. Drooping back. Big hooves. White hoof.

men (min – max / cm)

  • withers: 155 – 168
  • chest circ.: 180
  • shin circ.: 20

femeles (min – max / cm)

  • withers: 150 – 162
  • chest circ.: 172
  • shin circ.: 19


The morphological analysis according to art. 14 is developed using a form of analysis with the following entries:

1. Coat and pigmentations
2. Selection and type, anatomy, character
3. Skeletal development and development potential
4. Withers and shoulder, chest and thorax
5. Dorsal-lumbar region and back
6. Limbs and pasterns
7. Head and neck
8. Hooves
9. Andature: pace
10. Andature: trot

A skilled specialist marks each and every of the previous entry that can vary from 1 to 10.
If the score is lower than 5 even for a single entry, horses cannot be registered in the Registry of Mares and Stallions. The morphological analysis is reported on a total score as a sum of every single entry.


Registry of Mares
The female horses who gain a total score of 65 in the morphological analysis are then registered in the Registry of Mares

Registry of Stallions
The male horses who gain a total score of 80 in the morphological analysis are then registered in the Registry of Stallions


According to art.16 of the Regulations, the identification of the samples to be registered in the Genealogical Book is developed by the approval of the breed identification mark on the left thigh of the samples registered in The Registry of Stallions and Mares.